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 Hello Very important Please Read !

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PostSubject: Hello Very important Please Read !   Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:58 am

How Wizzard without Life !
after new update * Closed Life from wizz you destroyed This build !
so now can't play wizzard in unieq or pvp ! so how will play wiz in server ?
i was in Uniqe ! with me someone dagger ! in pt and attack with me i see high dmg ! cuz have Dagger Desperate ! And in the last him kill Unieq ! how ? This not fair ! Dagger Str ! Play pvp and ks in unique ! i'am already was have chat and some move But i am wizz ! , i was start in unique HP 70% Vs Dagger and i take it !
So may be some move with chat , notnothing vs Dagger ! so can take it from Dagger , but after u closed life ! i can't play unieqe , and sure wiz can't play pvp !

So, If I insisted to stay on this case Wizzard without life . Then Remove Wizzard build from WildRoad-Pvp !
Thank you for read my Topic!
By l_SENAT0R_l Sad
Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad
Angry Saw
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PostSubject: Re: Hello Very important Please Read !   Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:46 pm

*facepalm, wrong section,its Report A Player lol!
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Hello Very important Please Read !
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