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 [GA] KeraunoS

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PostSubject: [GA] KeraunoS   [GA] KeraunoS Icon_minitimeMon Mar 18, 2013 11:01 pm

my name is Saad
my age is 22 years old
iam active more than 5 hours per day and sometimes i login more than 10 hours
my character name is KeraunoS in game

*How old are you?
-iam 22 years old
*How long you played silkroad?
-more than 8 years and i was a [GA] in HellRoad Online but the GM.s didnt do any update so all players left it and me too
*Why you want to be [GA]?
-because i dont care about being the strongest player in the server or pvp or any action just being happy when i be useful and one of a good team and i can make alot of events per day like pvp , uniques , H&S , ....
*What is your language?
-tongue language is Arabic and second language is English and i can speak turkish too
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[GA] KeraunoS
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